Bibliotheca: Booting it Up

Bibliotheca's theme for May, apropos of nearly nothing, is shoes. Shoes are a must for any public place. However, unlike with fully shirred dresses and stretchy socks, even lolita brands recognize that with shoes, one size cannot fit most. Additionally, shoes have nearly no size alteration capacity and require additional adjustment with insoles and orthotics for various foot issues. Because of these factors, even seasoned lolitas might not rely solely on brand for shoes. Keeping in mind that it's the same shoddy plastic, brand name shoes seem like less of an investment and more of a waste.


Secret Shop Tea Party Shoes, a design replica of the equally fragile AP version

I own footwear from Chinese brands and comfort brands to accommodate my screwy ankles and nonexistent arches. Wearing (almost) all black makes things easier; it's much easier to find black colorways in comfort styles than, say, pastel pink. Some common lolita styles like flat tea-party style shoes have found their way into my wardrobe; I've also been known to use plain Mary Janes with almost any coord. For the most part, though, I've given typical styles the proverbial boot in favor of boots. 

That's right, this entire post is an excuse for me to proselytize about the glories of my beloved boots. From traditional witchy winklepickers to sweet scalloped winter boots to classic button boots to tremendous goth hooves, boots can do it all. Boots often have a slight-to-moderate heel and room for arch supports, saving my poor meat flippers from their flat fate. Best of all, because of the ankle support, I can actually wear boots multiple times before I manage to scuff or flake them, a fate to which most of my regular shoes have fallen, and me with them. 

6-inch platform boots my beloved

 It is difficult to overstate how enamored with ridiculous high platform boots I am, despite having the ankle integrity of a well-used bendy straw and the balance sense of a toddler on a Tilt-o-Whirl. Whereas shoes don't lead to impulse buys, boots like the above might spur some whimsy. I managed to wear the above pictured gothic mega-hooves on public transit and to two hours of a dance party without (physical) instability. I could never have managed this in shoes. Besides, my modesty prevents me from subjecting innocents to the sight of my naked ankles; that's premium content. 

I also have more work-suitable boots, both from lolita and non-lolita companies. The maturity of the boot silhouette lets bows and ribbons slide where, on heels, they might draw unwanted eyes. Having ankle boots to throw on helps me toe the line of business casual and hide any exciting socks from public view. Black ankle-length rain boots also appear business casual, but they keep my feet dry in swampy downpours. If I made myself a uniform or a character design, black ankle boots would form the foundation.

I have two pairs of black ankle boots ordered and in the mail and I can't wait! Whether I'm presenting the energy of a pirate, a witch, or (most improbably) a functional adult, boots are the shoe/shoe-alternatives for me, and it's aboot time that they got some recognition.

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