Old School for Newbies: Supplemental Reading 1: Old School on Taobao

Old school is a passion of mine. I'm lucky enough to be hosting a panel on Old School for Newbies at Bay Area Kei's upcoming J-Fashion University, so I decided to compile lists of stores that sell old school-styled lolita clothing and supplies. Since this is a university theme, each post related to my "class" will be framed as a course component.

Old school is difficult to find on Taobao, so I went through more than 300 stores in order to find all of the stores that had at least one piece that looks reasonably old school. I've also included a few sellers of sewing supplies. 

I followed strict criteria for these selections, which can be found in Core Reading 1.


  1. https://shop107946550.world.taobao.com/ Aurora & Ariel: Known for their petticoats, lots of wacky gingham pieces as well.
  2. https://akane-alois.taobao.com/  Akane & Alois: Mostly main pieces, classic, clean lines.
  3. https://aggzs.taobao.com/ Alice Girl: All sorts of wacky main pieces and some other stuff. 
  4. https://amastacia.taobao.com/ Amastacia: Gothic main pieces, blouses, and accessories. Solids are pretty old school. 
  5. https://a-sylvia.taobao.com/ A Sylvia: Blouses, a few accessories, and main pieces.
  6. https://baciobouquet.taobao.com/ Bacio Bouquet: Shoes, tees, blouses, bags, and main pieces. Pretty wacky and the main pieces are mostly too short. 
  7. https://boguta.taobao.com/ Boguta: Main pieces, blouses, pettis, outerwear, other stuff. Some things may work. 
  8. https://zjy-lolita.taobao.com/ Brocade Garden: Mostly main pieces.
  9. https://catteaparty.taobao.com/ Cat Tea Party: Jewelry, bloomers, cardigans. 
  10. https://chess-story.taobao.com/ Chess Story: Main pieces, accessories, blouses, mainly sweet.
  11. https://shop418890523.taobao.com/ Crucis: Sweet. Main pieces, some accessories and others. Lots of chiffon to avoid. 
  12. https://shop516621521.taobao.com/ Dark Star Island: Lots of cotton: main pieces, aprons, and blouses, mostly.  
  13. https://shop129160686.taobao.com/ Dolls Party: Main pieces, blouses, accessories, detachable sleeves?
  14. https://shop111373248.taobao.com/ Don't Sleep: Mostly main pieces. I had never heard of this shop before. 
  15. https://kkestudio.taobao.com/  Dream's Workshop: Tons of main pieces, shoes, and blouses, a very few of which are old-school suitable. 
  16. https://fee-cafe.taobao.com/ Fee Cafe: Classic main pieces, some fun florals. 
  17. https://forestrabbit.taobao.com/ Forest Rabbit:  Blouses, cutsews, and a skirt.
  18. https://doudou0223.taobao.com/ Funny Sauce Studio: Main pieces, colorful bloomers, some outerwear. Mostly sweet and short lengths. 
  19. https://hmhmtt.taobao.com/ HMHM: Classic and gothic main pieces and outerwear, good quality.
  20. https://shop35513190.taobao.com/ Ichigo 15: Gothic and ouji main pieces, some really nice simple blouses. 
  21. https://infantadress.taobao.com/ Infanta: Main pieces, blouses, accessories, some outerwear. A little bit of everything. Beware of chiffon. 
  22. https://knight-night.taobao.com/ Knight Night: Main pieces and some old school-suitable accessories. Mostly gothic.
  23. https://shop114653784.taobao.com/ La Pomme: Gothic, mostly ouji and aristo, some nice blouses. 
  24. https://mylacegarden.taobao.com/ Lace Garden: Gothic and classic main pieces and blouses.
  25. https://little-dipper.taobao.com/ Little Dipper: Main pieces, blouses, bloomers, a couple accessories. Some items are chiffon, so read the description!
  26. https://magic-tea-party.taobao.com/ Magic Tea Party: Main pieces, blouses, accessories. Mostly sweet. 
  27. https://shop109744412.taobao.com Milk Egg Shell: Main pieces and accessories. 
  28. https://shop108061718.taobao.com/ Miracles: Intricate main pieces, one might work.
  29. https://shop567980223.taobao.com/ Miss Mary: Lots of blouses. Looks pretty good quality, but I haven't bought anything.  
  30. https://lolitas.taobao.com/ Miss Moe: A large variety. Seems a little suspect. 
  31. https://nyanyalolita.taobao.com/ Nya Nya Lolita: Mostly main pieces and blouses. Often cotton, but some weird colorways.
  32. https://pumpkincat.taobao.com Pumpkin Cat: Mostly main pieces. Their items named "Classical" are usually good.  
  33. https://shop105903426.taobao.com/ Sakurada Fawn: Main pieces, blouses, and the cutest old-school-able heart pocket bloomers that my gay little eyes have seen. 
  34. https://shop145477099.taobao.com/ Semi Lolita: Main pieces and some nice short-sleeved blouses.
  35. https://heisei.taobao.com/ Sibyl Heisei: Main pieces and others. Infamous for their denim JSK. Good quality. 
  36. https://shop505367170.taobao.com/ Sosoamor Lolita: Main pieces, blouses, accessories, Usakumya sizes as well as human clothing.
  37. https://neverlandlolita.taobao.com/ Souffle Song:  Main pieces and blouses, mostly. Beware of chiffon. 
  38. https://cmloli.taobao.com/ Strawberry Miko/ Strawberry Witch: Main pieces, blouses, outerwear, accessories. The blouses are mostly cotton. 
  39. https://shop104791693.taobao.com/ Sucking Cat Lolita: I hope the translation is wrong on this. Main pieces and some good blouses. 
  40. https://sugar-teatime.taobao.com/ Sugar Teatime x Cute Q: All sorts of things, but the bloomers are the most old school. 
  41. https://shop35467425.taobao.com Surface Spell: Established gothic brand. Main pieces, blouses, and accessories. Great materials with good texture and nice embroidery.
  42. https://loliquanquan.taobao.com/ Sweet Candy Studio: Mostly bloomers and main pieces. 
  43. https://sweetdreamerlolita.taobao.com/ Sweet Dreamer:  Main pieces, accessories, bags; very nice fake flowers and wicker bags.
  44. https://shop118499683.taobao.com/ Tibetan Fox and Shiba Inu: Main pieces and furry ears.  
  45. https://shop483399709.taobao.com Time Freezes Lolita: Mostly main pieces. Short length. 
  46. https://tiny-garden.taobao.com/ Tiny Garden: Main pieces and blouses. Affordable, but beware of chiffon.
  47. https://shop64664734.taobao.com/ To Alice: Pretty much everything, variable quality. Has children's clothes. 
  48. https://shop60113340.taobao.com/ Wang Yan and Summer Fashion Studio: Bloomers and petticoats, a really nice underskirt. 
  49. https://shop34494744.taobao.com/ Wheat House: Main pieces. Their cat applique series is lovely.  
  50. https://vancyfanxi.taobao.com Vancy: Gothic main pieces.
  51. https://shop117088503.taobao.com/ Yilia: Mostly blouses and main pieces.
  52. https://yolandadress.taobao.com/ Yolanda: Main pieces, blouses, some accessories. "Fleurs et echo" accessories are really nice. 
  53. https://yotsuba.taobao.com/ Yotsuba's Home: Main pieces and accessories. Their headbows look fine.


  1. https://luer131.taobao.com/ Chaolu Original Design: Mostly straw hats and some bows.
  2. https://yyg6688.taobao.com/ Deer Girl Handmade Shop: Hair accessories and furry ears?
  3. https://lunaborgia.taobao.com/ Dominum Gloria: Gothic jewelry and accessories.  
  4. https://shop58370834.taobao.com/ Elegant Cat Lolita: Accessories, including some lovely straw hats.
  5. https://l-e-r-o.taobao.com/ Lero:  Jewelry and accessories.
  6. https://shop62698422.taobao.com/ Little Ghost Handmade: Tons of accessories. 
  7. https://loris-ltd.taobao.com/ Loris: Bags, a lot of replicas.  
  8. https://shop141425770.taobao.com/ Rococo Heroin: Excellent hair accessories.
  9. https://rojiroji.taobao.com/ Roji Roji: Legwear. Like 3 old school-able socks.
  10. https://rose-of-sharon.taobao.com/ Rose of Sharon: Classic jewelry.  
  11. https://shop555374285.taobao.com/ Rose Thorn: Gothic accessories. 
  12. https://lullaby.taobao.com/ Sing a Lullaby For You: Main pieces, accessories, roomwear. A couple things work for old school.
  13. https://anwutang.taobao.com/ Smoky i Jewelry: Accessories and jewelry in a variety of styles.
  14. https://cutiecreator.taobao.com/ Sweet Dreamer: Tons of accessories, mostly classic. 
  15. https://shop59732003.taobao.com/ Sweetheart Xiaofang: Lots of bows and other accessories. 
  16. https://tamendegushihui.taobao.com Tamendegushihui: Accessories, lots of hair clips. 
  17. https://tranndy.taobao.com/ Trandy: Legwear, mostly replica socks
  18. https://whalef.taobao.com/ Whale Fall: Bags, some of which are old school. 
  19. https://whale-island.taobao.com/ Whale Island: Parasols! I love this shop.


  1. https://dalaohome.taobao.com/ Dalao Home: Lots of wigs, various colors. Some sausage curls and hime cuts.


  1. https://shop35767391.taobao.com/ Antaina: Shoes in custom sizes.
  2. https://shop33988685.taobao.com/ Antaina Nana Lolita: Shoes in custom sizes, more punk and platform styles.
  3. https://shop68179111.taobao.com/ Boating Game Shoe Shop: Shoes, including some replica rocking horse shoes.  
  4. https://shop270710054.taobao.com/ GURURU: Bubble-toed shoes.
  5. https://shop58746168.taobao.com/ Lolita Kingdom: Shoes, lots of platforms.
  6. https://shop156329292.taobao.com/ Mai Mai Shoe Shop: Bodyline-type shoes and shoe clips. 
  7. https://shop107567742.taobao.com Seventh Sense: Producer of Bodyline RHS and other shoes.
  8. https://xin-fashion.taobao.com/ Sosic Shop: Shoes. 

DIY Materials

  1. https://shop33986544.taobao.com/Azuma's Studio: A few fabrics. 
  2. https://adoncia.taobao.com/ Baomajia DIY: Ribbon, notions, trims, and hair accessory supplies. 
  3. https://laces.taobao.com/ Cock Robin's Songs: Lace and ribbons, a couple bow clips. Very reliable. 
  4. https://shop35728140.taobao.com Crazy Kook: Tons of lace, buttons, and ribbons. 
  5. https://miaocraft.taobao.com/ Miaojia Handmade Fabric Shop: Tons of fabric.
  6. https://misscherry.taobao.com/ Miss Cherry: A variety of printed fabric, some notions.
  7. https://shop57307093.taobao.com/  MiuMiu's Skillful Mother: Lace and a few fabrics. 
  8. https://shop113140345.taobao.com/ Pumpkin Car: Lace and other trims and notions. 
  9. https://bobbo.taobao.com/ Sunny Lace: Mostly lace, notions, and trims.
  10. https://socutesocute.taobao.com/ Xiaochun's Store: Mostly lace. 
  11. https://zhinvge.taobao.com/ Zhinvge: Fabrics and notions. 

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