Bibliotheca: What I Did On My Summer Vacation

It's Bibliotheca time and also the beginning of the school year. This month's prompt (lounging around) doesn't really mesh with my current lifestyle, so I've decided to regale the internet with a school-style essay instead, because it really does feel like I missed the summer homework assignment until the last minute.

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Name: frillSquid


Class: Bibliotheca

Summer is a time when many people relax and go on vacation. According to my birth certificate, I am also people, so I should relax, but I didn't. This summer I got a new job, worked hard at my old job, and went to summer camp for a week. 

I got a new job this summer. This job is completely different from all my other jobs because it is in the same field as my degrees. My new job is also special because I can take time off for things. For example, tomorrow I am leaving work early for a haircut. Because of something called "annual leave", I will still get money like I worked the whole day, even though I didn't. This job is very important to me, but I unfortunately have to wake up early and hide in a basement for it. It is also hard to wear lolita at my new job because of all the dust and narrow shelves. I like my new job. 

I also have my old job. My old job means working at museums: I used to work five days every week at the museums, but now I only work one or two days there. This adds up to six or seven days every week, which is a lot. I like my museums because I get to see the sunlight and maybe some dogs, but I do get very tired. I can wear more lolita clothes at my museums, but I am usually too sleepy after a week at my regular new job to dress nicely for my weekend job. I am still happy to work at museums. 

Even though I was very busy, I wasn't working all summer. For the first time in my grown-up life, I took a week off of work to go on a trip. The trip was to a music retreat, which is a type of summer camp for people who like to study music. Every day we had at least 15 hours of activities and classes, so I was tired but happy. Besides the music classes, I also made some new friends and saw a really big goose. I took a bunch of pictures of the goose and had a lot of fun, but I couldn't wear lolita there either.


My summer was fun and tiring and I have learned a lot from it. I want to do more lolita and less work during the next year. I also hope that I can see more neat animals, like lizards or maybe a cool bug. Most importantly, I really need to write more blog posts again, so that I have a cool year to remember for the next time summer vacation happens. 


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